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BUCKINGHAM Home Center carries quality made doors and windows from makers including, Marvin, Interstate, Atrium, ODL Doorglass, Larson, & Alliance.

Time tested and proven. Our doors and windows are durable, dependable, elegant and cost effective.



Integrity Windows and Doors is Marvin's high-quality product set available in a wide range of stock sizes, primarily for new construction or significant renovations.

Whatever your installation requirements, chances are there's an Integrity product to fit your need; you can even custom specify polygonal windows!

Here at BUCKINGHAM Do It Best, we offer both the 'Wood Ultrex Series' windows as well as the 'All Ultrex Series' windows from Marvin Integrity.

The Ultrex Advantage
Strong, stable, durable and virtually indestructible, Ultrex is possibly the perfect building material, creating windows and doors that leave other materials in the dust. If you’ve ever encountered a dented or corroded roll-form aluminum window or a faded, cracked vinyl window, the advantages of Ultrex are obvious. Ultrex’s specially compounded resins and thin strands of strong glass are combined to create a material so strong, it’s used in bridge construction; so stable, it remains virtually unchanged even when it’s subjected to extremes such as temperatures ranging from -30°F to 350°F.

Above: Example of our Wood-Ultrex Double Hung Windows Above: Example of our All-Ultrex Single Hung Windows

Windows made with Ultrex components expand and contract at the virtually same minute rate as glass, so each window remains tightly sealed with no leaks, seal failures or stress cracks. It’s so strong, we have to use diamond-edge blades to cut the pieces to size. Imagine what that level of durability can endure in your home.

When it comes to choosing the perfect windows and doors to bring a home to life, builders and remodelers are the experts.

That's why Marvin Windows and Doors is proud to rank highest in satisfying builders and remodelers with residential windows and patio doors, according to a 2007 J.D. Power and Associates study.

Doorglass is a system comprised of a two part frame and an insulated glass panel.

ODL Doorglass provides the assurance of a maintenance free frame, the beauty of decorative glass and the integrity of a moisture resistant construction.

For complete details and to view all of our Doorglass products, click here.



ODL Doorglass systems protect against moisture and air infiltration in two areas.

1 - Infiltration from the outside that attempts to penetrate the frame seals.

2 - Infiltration into the insulated glass air space through the glass seal.

Alliance Window Systems

You take pride in your home, and
naturally you want the best, most
reliable windows available.

The American Window Alliance
manufactures and distributes high
quality windows through professional
contractors, and you can feel confident
knowing that American Window
Alliance products have been installed
in over three million homes throughout
the Northeast, New York and Pennsylvania.

Find out what homeowners like you are saying
about American Window Alliance windows.

Atrium Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of residential vinyl and aluminum windows and patio doors in North America.

Click on the image above to visit the Interstate Window & Door Company web site.
Replacing windows in your home can be one of the most rewarding projects towards improving its comfort, value and appearance. Making the right window choice is important. You want to be sure they are energy efficient, easy to operate and maintain, look beautiful and are long lasting.

Our windows are made with the highest quality components and meet the highest standards available in the marketplace, so ours are the only windows you will want for your home.

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